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DR.JART V7 LINE SET (100000139)

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-          1 SET INCLUDES:

  • 1 Dr. Jart V7 Relief Vita Drop (100ml)
  • 1 Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light (50ml)
  • 1 Dr. Jart V7 Vita Laser 2.1 (30ml)
  • 3 Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream (sample)
  • 3 Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid (sample)


-          Dr. Jart V7 Relief Vita Drop: aplly it on the entire face and spread into the whole face after using serum.

-          Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light: 1. gently use cream with the 1/3 size of a spatula (Re-apply a small amount if need more brightened complexion. 2. Apply at the last step of basic skin care (better to use right amount each step not to make skin sticky. 3. Tone up your face and body (apply neck, arms and legs if need more brightened).

-          Dr. Jart V7 Vita Laser 2.1: at the last step of skin care, apply small amount of ointment and lightly pat the skin focusing on wrinkles, and traces of spots. For more effective results, intensively apply a second layer or more if needed.


-          Dr. Jart V7 Relief Vita Drop: special emulsion containing 7 vitamins transforms into water drops on contact with the skin and provides special-moisture with skin brightening. Soothes skin and penetrates easily and last long. Helps restore skin, improves elasticity, supplies antioxidants, moisturizes, brightens and soothes.

-          Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light: innovative skin base cream that makes bright and clear skin tone with in & out lightening system which is combined brightening activator & triple action formula. Brightening activator which is included seven vitamins complex (vitamin A, B3, B5, C, E, F, H) & white jade makes an ultimate bright skin tone when it touched on the skin. Triple action formula helps maintain natural bright and clear skin tone continuously with 3 step action of care the appearance of existing dark spots – enhancing elasticity – recharging moisture. Also moist melting texture creates a hydration veil and fix the brightening activator on the skin, in result keeps the bright skin tone all day long.

-          Dr. Jart V7 Vita Laser 2.1: ointment type spot treatment delivers 7 vitamins formula to care spots and blemishes wrinkles and fine lines. Lightweight application with high absorption to deeply nourish and rehydrate. Liposome Double Capsulation System helps skin’s health by delivering ingredients efficiently.



-          Dr. Jart V7 Relief Vita Drop: Seven Vitamins Complex (vitalizing + radiance), Hyaluronic Acid (moisturizing +protecting), Arbutin & Adenosine (whitening +anti-wrinkle)

-          Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light: Seven Vitamins Complex (vitalizing + lightening), Beta-Glucan (regenerating), White Jade – Nephrite (brightens skin tone), Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (moisturizing + protecting)

-          Dr. Jart V7 Vita Laser 2.1: Seven Vitamins Complex (vitalizing), Althaea Rosea Flower Extract (moisturizing), Portulaca Oleracea Extract (calming)



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